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9jaCashBack is Africa’s premier/pioneer Electronic Transaction Request Back Service (ETRS) that scores and rewards users with cashback, refunds ,giveaway and payouts for electronic financial transactions they register with the service.
9jaCashBack is available to every ATM debit card holder and bank account owner in Nigeria and can be accessed directly from web, mobile, USSD or any ATM across Nigeria.

So basically, when you receive a Credit alert or Debit alert after making successful financial transactions, for example, ATM withdrawal, POS payment, online bill payment, transfer, mobile money and many more, users can now get special cashback , life changing cashouts or daily random giveaway after registering such transactions on www.9jacashback.com in a quick seamless process.
9jaCashBack can also be accessed from any ATM terminal across Nigeria.

9JaCashBack Dividends Membership

9jaCashBack Dividends Membership is an exclusive limited special access membership program for a select few. This Dividends Membership unlocks a world of perks and cashback privileges not available to other users of the 9jaCashBack service. When you activate 9jaCashBack Dividends Membership pre-launch, you gain exclusive access to cashback dividends for life.

Your 9jaCashBack Dividends Membership benefits include;

  • 2000 naira bonus upon activation
  • Double cashback earnings
  • Yearly cashback dividends
  • Access to interest free loans
  • Access to business grants
  • Random giveaways
  • Exclusive membership promotions
  • Special shopping discount vouchers

Enjoy Daily and Monthly Giveaways

Be eligible to enjoy 500% cashback on A.T.M withdrawals . what are you waiting for?

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