How To Request CashBack

Once you make any electronic transaction like ATM Withdrawal , POS payment/ withdrawal , Bank transfer(USSD/Online) and Mobile Money , you can immediately head to and place a request to get your money back through the following steps

Request With Phone Number: This option allows users to request without having to register a profile or login, the user just clicks on the Request With Phone Number Tab and fills in details of the transaction in question stating Full names , type of transaction , Amount value of transaction ,Bank account to receive CashBack. After inputing all these details users will have to select their preferred CashBack Lucky time and then submit, each request for cashback attracts a token of 150 naira that will be saved as bonus for the user and redeemed when the your selected CashBack Lucky time matches the Wish Clock time.

Request With Profile : This option allows you to request cashback from within a registered profile from where you can keep better track of all your CashBack requests and CashBack history

Request Through ATM : Clicking on this option gives you step by step instructions of how to request CashBack directly from any ATM terminal in Nigeria for those who want to request directly from ATM terminals.

Cashout : Clicking on this tab makes it possible for users to monitor the Wish Clock and also check the status of pending CashBack request made .


There 3 Reward belts on 9jacashback depending on the the time unit you can match with your selected CashBack Lucky Time .

Getting CashBack on 9JACASHBACK is very simple

  1. Request for Cashback on
  2. Select a Lucky Time for your transaction
  3. Check Daily Time Results released by the CashBack Wish Clock at the end of everyday
  4. If you match all 3 time units ( Hours, Mins & Secs) you immediately get cashback that will be paid into your submitted bank account.
  5. If you match just two time units ( Hours & Minutes) you will be entered into the Silver Giveaway zone where you can recieve mouth watering and life changing random giveways.
  6. If you match just one time unit (Hour) you are immediately entered into the Bronze Giveaway Zone where you can receive random giveaways daily …Every giveaway belt is active for only 24 hours.

How To Qualify For 9jaCashBack Mega Million Cashpot

Once every month people who make CashBack requests on 9jaCashBack stand a chance to win the 9jaCashBack Mega Millions CashPot and qualifying for this CashPot has never been easier.

Make 5 requests for Cashback within a month = 10 Mega Million CashPot entries

Match all 3 time units ( Hr:Min :Sec ) = 5 Mega Million CashPot entries

Match 2 time units ( Hr: Min) = 3 Mega Million CashPot entries

Match single time unit( Hr) = 1 Mega Million CashPot entry

Enjoy Daily and Monthly Giveaways

Be eligible to enjoy 500% cashback on A.T.M withdrawals . what are you waiting for?

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